South Africa Power Cords

South Africa power cord products with SABS certification are manufactured to SABS 164-1, BS546 and IEC standards; designed for South African power supply cord applications,We are producing South Africa power cords in standard configurations and can make any custom version as well.100percent of our South African plugs,power cables and electrical sockets are fully molded high quality cords and RoHS / REACH environment compliant as we are China leading South African power cable manufacturer and supplier providing qualified SABS approved plug molded with IEC C7,C5,C13,C15,C19 cord sets. South Africa has, like almost any country, its own set of specific power cords. Below, you will find the power cords we manufacture for South Africa, as well as their specs. The power cords we manufacture for South Africa are also available in other lengths and colours. Our knowledge of the market and our engineering capabilities allow us to continually expand our range of products, including power cords for South Africa. We prefer to make any decisions as to our range in cooperation with our customers. So please do not hesitate to contact us about new products in our ‘South Africa power cords’ category.

South Africa Plug to IEC C13:XNF-16 to C13 power cord

South Africa Plug to IEC C19:XNF-16 to C19 power cord

South Africa Plug to IEC C5:XNF-16 to C5 power cord

  • South-Africa-SABS-IEC-60884-SANS-164-Non-rewirable-6A-Plug-Cord-Set
  • South Africa SABS IEC 60884 SANS 164 Non-rewirable 6A Plug Cord Set
  • SABS 164-1(aka BS546) South Africa standard power cord plug with SABS certification.Rated up to 6A 250V.  Fully conforms to the BS546 and SABS 164-1 plug standards. IEC 60884-1:2002 (Third Edition) + A1:2006; SANS 164-0:2007 + SANS 164-3:2007 6A 250V Non-rewirable with SABS approval designed for South African household applications power supply cords,All of Our South African AC plugs , connectors and power cables are fully made with high quality.

    Our South Africa power cord products are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design and RoHS and REACH compliant.

    Click here SABS 164-1 6A to C13:XNF-16/ST3

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