America Extension Cords

Custom and Standard North America Extension cord plug,extension power cord,extension socket,outdoor extension cord,outlet cord outle power extension cords.America Extension Cord products with North America certification are manufactured to the America NEMA standard plug connected with receptacles as heavy duty extension cords,locking adapters,Locking extension cable,Rang & Dryer extension cords,American extension cords,power extension cord,extension cable,North America Extension Cords,Locking Extension cords,Outdoor Extension Cords,Seasonal-Use Cord and Outdoor Seasonal-Use Cord-Connecteds listedare,cord Manager,Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI) all with Rohs and Reach compliant.

  • L6-20-20A-250V-Locking-Plug-Power-Extension-Lead
  • L6-20 20A 250V Locking Plug Power Extension Lead
  • 3-Conductor L6-20 extension cord locking type plug socket North America approved mostly used in locking type extension cord set applications,100percent of our locking extension cord made with high quality and Rosh/Reach compliant.

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  • L14-30-Locking-Plug-To-5-15R-Outlets-Y-Joint-Adapter-Extension-Cord
  • L14-30 Locking to 5-15R 2 Outlets Y Joint Adapter Extension Cord
  • 2 outlet NEMA 5-15P 15amps receptacles North America extension cord adapter with USA certified connected with US Locking plug L5-30P plug mostly used in generator applications,100percent of our America extension cord adapter are high quality and Rohs/reach compliant.
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  • 5-15-15A-125V-3-Conductor-3-Outlet-Outdoor-Lighting-Extension-Power-Cordset
  • 5-15 15A 125V 3-Conductor 3-Outlet Outdoor Lighting Extension Power Cordset
  • Outdoor Extension Power Cordset Lighting North America certified multiple outlets adapter with North America NEMA 5-15P and 5-15R standard mostly used in outdoor extension cord set applications appliances, spas, electric grills, decorative/holiday lighting, holiday displays, electronics, pressure washers electric lawnmowers, week whackers and many other products. 100percent of our America extension cord are made high quality and Rosh / Reach compliant.
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  • L14-30P-Locking-Plug-To-5-20R-20A-4-Outlets-Extension-Cord-Adapter
  • L14-30P Locking Plug To 5-20R 20A 4 Outlets Extension Cord Adapter
  • L14-30P,N5-20R*4 America twist locking plug 30A to four outlets NEMA 5-20r receptacle standard America wire extension cord adapter with North America approval mainly used in North America generator applications,Extending a Locking 30 Amp 250V plug to 4*NEMA 5-20r sockets twist locking extension cord adapter also Known as: L14-30 cord adapter, L14-30 extension cable adapter,L14-30P locking cable adapter。

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  • 1-15P-13A-125V-Cube-Tap-2-Prong-Indoor-Extension-Cord
  • 1-15P 13A 125V Cube Tap 2 Prong Indoor Extension Cord
  • 2 prong America indoor extension cord products with North America NEMA 1-15P,1-15R standard and North America certification,mostly used in indoor extension cord set applications,100percent of our America extension plug,sockets are made with high quality and Rosh/Reach compliant as we are China leading extension cord manufacturer provding qualified US type Indoor and Outdoor power extension cords.

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  • 5-15-15A-125V-3-Conductor-Single-Outlet-Outdoor-Extension-Cord
  • 5-15 15A 125V 3-Conductor Single Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord
  • NEMA 5-15P to NEMA 5-15R USA 3 prong extension cord America three prong outdoor extension cord products with North America NEMA 5-15P,5-15R standard and NorthAmerica certification,withstand the natural elements to be suitable for outdoor use;resistant to moisture and continued exposure to sunlight;stands up to bending and has molded plugs to provide longerand better electrical connections;outer jacket of the outdoor extension cord won't leave marks on walls or floors;ideal choice for use with power equipment such as drills or saws.

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