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  • Our primary product lines are the widest selection of power cords,extension cords,cable reels,bulk power cables.However we also offer cable assemblies, harness products, molded plastics and make any custom plugs with cable as your request.

    Power Cord

    Power cord, power cable, AC power cord,AC cord, mains cable, mains power lead, line cord, portable cord and flexible line cord are all ways to describe the cable connecting any device to the main power supply usually through a normal wall socket. Ningbo Yunhuan offers the largest array of international, IEC and NEMA power cords anywhere.Power Cord
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    Waterproof Lamp lighting Vacuum cleaner Hair curler
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    Extension Cord

    Extenion cord,extension plug,extension cable,power extension cords,locking extension cord and heavy duty extension cord are all ways to describe the transition from one plug style to another.Yunhuan Group can produce most common extension cords for both Indoor using,outdoor using,waterproof extension cords and custom extension cords.Extension Cord 
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Flexible Cable

Bulk power cord wire is also referred to as power cable, portable cord, portable cordage, portable wire, flexible cord, flexible cordage and flexible power cord wire.We offer these wires as pvc cables,rubber cables for any country in the worldFlexible Cable
Rubber Cable PVC Cable

Wiring Harness

Find A Cord

Below you can easily find your power supply cord sets by plugs,connectors or countries with their safety marks ,also you can design a cord that Simply identify your power cord plug,receptacle and cord (wire) using the options to the left and let us know what you need。

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