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  • America Rubber Cable SJ SJO SJOO SJOW SJOOW

  • Rubber Cable North America certifications for North America as Unite states and Canada.

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Detailed description

Type Conductor Insulation Thickness Jacket Thickness Overall Diameter Min.Cross-sectional area of Conductor
Size No./mm [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm2]
SJ 18AWG/2C 41/0.160 0.76 0.76 7.30±0.15 0.798
SJ0 16AWG/2C 65/0.160 0.76 7.90±0.15 1.27
SJ00 14AWG/2C 41/0.254 0.76 8.70±0.15 2.02
SJ0W 18AWG/3C 41/0.160 0.76 7.80±0.15 0.798
SJ00W 16AWG/3C 65/0.160 0.76 8.30±0.15 1.27
  14AWG/3C 41/0.254 0.76 9.50±0.15 2.02
  18AWG/4C 41/0.160 0.76 8.50±0.15 0.798
  16AWG/4C 65/0.160 0.76 9.20±0.15 1.27
  14AWG/4C 41/0.254 0.76 10.2±0.15 2.02
  18AWG/5C 41/0.160 0.76 9.30±0.15 0.798
  16AWG/5C 65/0.160 0.76 10.1±0.15 1.27
  14AWG/5C 41/0.254 0.76 11.2±0.20 2.02
  12AWG/2C 65/0.254 1.14 10.4±0.20 5.43
  12AWG/3C 65/0.254 1.14 10.9±0.20 5.43
  12AWG/4C 65/0.254 1.14 12.0±0.20 5.43
  12AWG/5C 65/0.254 1.14 13.2±0.20 5.43

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USA Power Cord Wire SJ SJW SJO SJOO SJOW SJOOW 300V Rubber Bulk Power Cable,Custom Color,Length, UL Listed
Power Cord Wire  Rubber Cable SJ SJW SJO SJOO SJOW SJOOW Ruber Type UL62, UL1581 Cable

Standard Voltage: 300V
Standard: UL62, UL1581
Environmental Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAHS
Quality System: ISO9001:2008
Approvals: UL, CSA
Samples: Free with Freight collect
Samples shipping date: 7 days
Color: Custom color, white and black are normal
Wire Outject Material: Rubber
Conductor: Copper
Cable Specifications: Standard and custom made
SJ SJW SJO SJOO SJOW SJOOW Appliance standard: UL62, UL1581 Used Specialty TPE rubber sheathed jacket, Standard voltage 300 voltage, Temperature 60℃,75℃,90℃,105℃,-40℃,-50℃ mainly used in North America Industrial,  Lighting, Indoor, Outdoor cable extension and appliances cable, 2 cores,3 cores,4 cores,5 cores leads, filled with cotton or not.

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USA Rubber Cable

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