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Europe Power Cord products are manufactured to Europe CEE7/7,CEE7/17,CEE1/7 Schuko and IEC standards,designed for European
power cord applications.Europe power cords are also known as European mains cords, European mains leads, European line cords and European mains cables. All of our Europe power cord products are fully molded high quality cords with RoHS compliant. We produce the widest array of Schuko male and Schuko female Europe CEE7/7 power cords available and Schuko plugs with IEC C7,C5,C13,C15,C19 power
supply cords.

Schuko Power Cords:Schuko  is a German term for "earthed" or grounded and is a common name used  for the IEC CEE7/7 or CEE7/4 Continental European power cord electrical  connections.  The standard is comprised of two round pins 4.8mm in  diameter that are 19mm long and 19mm apart from each other.  Ground  straps are located on top and bottom.

our Europe power cord products are fully molded high quality cords  and RoHS and REACH compliant.

Please note:   Most countries in Europe use these plugs but England,  Ireland and  Scotland all require an entirely different plug:UK BSI 1363/A power cords
You can find just about any country worldwide in our product TEC.
  • IEC-60320-C14-Plug-To-IEC-60320-C13-Ineternaitional-Power-Cord
  • IEC 60320 C14 Plug To IEC 60320 C13 Ineternaitional Power Cord
  • IEC 60320 C14 Plug To IEC 60320 C13 Ineternaitional Computer monitor type power cord plug / receptacle with VDE certification,Built to the IEC 60320 C14 plug and IEC C13 European connector for using in most countries appliance cord sets. Rated up to 13A 240V.The IEC 60320-C13 three prong power cord receptacle is often referred to as the "computer power cable" receptacle. These IEC C13 power cords are commonly used in a variety of applications including computers, portable electronics, household applications, chargers , kitchen appliances and game systems such as PlayStation II and Wii. Available thre prong male plug or IEC 60320 standard plug versions with international plugs being the far more popular power cord style.
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  • Europe-CEE7-7-Schuko-16A-Plug-Power-Cord-Set
  • Europe CEE7/7 Schuko 16A Plug Power Cord Set
  • Europe CEE7/7 Schuko power cord Plug, with earthing contact, non-rewirable, moulded 2-pole with dual earthing contact system VDE certification Rated up to 16A 250V designed for 3 conductor household applications power supply cables,With IEC C5 , With IEC C13 , With IEC C15 , 
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