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America power cords

America Power Cord products with UL CUL certification are manufactured to the North America NEMA standard,connected with receptacles as extension cords,heavy duty extension cords,locking adapters,connected with switch as switched power cord,connected with IEC 60320 series as computer power cable or other appliances electric cables,Locking Power Supply Cord,Rang & Dryer Cords,Appliance Connector,Hospital Grade Power Cord,Detachable Appliance Plugs,Assembly Plug and Connector,Adaptercord set,Indoor Extension Cords,Outdoor Seasonal-Use Cord-Connecteds listedare,applications in North America, Canada and Mexico.We stock literally thousands of two & three prong power cords in standard configurations and can make any custom version as well.100percent of us are high quality molded power cords and RoHS compliant. 
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