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Australia SAA Extension Cord XH022B XH026A
  • Australia SAA Extension Cord XH022B XH026A

  • AS 3112 Australia three prong extension cord heavy duty plug (transparent)with SAA certification.Rated up to 10A 250V.Our AS 3112 Australia extension cord products are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design and RoHS and REACH compliant.These are also referred to as AS 3112 mains plug and Australia mains plug.

    AS 3112 is the standard plug specification used in Australia and requires that the live and neutral prongs have at least 50percent from base to tip, of a non-conductive coating to help prevent shock if the plug becomes partially dislodged or not plugged in all the way. New Zealand uses the exact same products as Australia and calls this plug the NZS 311.

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Detailed description

Male Plug

Australia 3P Plug

Female Receptacle

Australia 3P Socket


Up to 15A


Up to 250V AC

Outer Mold Material


Blade Material

Nickel coated Brass


Any color available

Cable Length

Any length available



Environmental Certifications



100percent are individually tested for Hi-Pot (dielectric voltage withstand test), opens, shorts and pinout

Other Termination Options:

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Available Cable Styles:

H05VV-F 3X1.5mm2

H07VV-F 3X1.0-1.5mm2

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Subject : Australia SAA Extension Cord XH022B XH026A

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