Power cord set for an electric tool

The end of the electric cord connected to the electric tool is typically provided with a molded strain relief flexible body attached to the outer insulator of the electric cord and mechanically connected to the electric tool housing. Electrical tools are conventionally provided with a power cord set made up of an elongated electric cord having an electric plug at one end and the opposite end mechanically and electrically connected to the electric tool. The flexible body of the strain relief prevents the wires within the electrical cord from being broken as a result of being repeatedly bent in a small radius.

The cord set is made up of an elongated electric cord containing at least two flexible wires, an electric plug affixed to one end of the electric cord and a strain relief connector assembly affixed to the other end of the electric cord. The strain relief connector assembly is provided with an elongated flexible body extending about a length of the electric cord adjacent the end for mechanically attaching to and projecting into the electric tool housing.

The length and the end treatment of the wire leads of the power cord set varies depending upon the application, therefore, it is quite common for a power tool manufacturer to inventory dozens of different power cord sets. While power cord sets may vary somewhat due to the desired cord length, the primary distinction between varying stock keeping units (SKU's) is the length of the wire leads extending and the type of electrical connector formed on the wire end.

The number of SKU's for cord sets is not only a problem at the time of manufacturing due to the inventory requirements for each of the cord sets, but it remains a problem throughout the product's life since replacement cord sets have to be maintained in product service centers because cord sets are a rather frequent replacement item.

The power cord set of the present invention is provided for use with any one of a plurality of electric tools that have a housing, an electric powered implement oriented within the housing.

The strain relief-connector assembly is further provided with an electrical connector electrically connected to the at least two wires in the electric cord with the electrical connector projecting into the tool housing. The electric powered implement is provided with an internal pair of wires having a pair of connectors for cooperation with the strain relief connector assembly.
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