Vacuum cleaners to handheld power cord

Conventional canister-type vacuum cleaners comprise a cord reel assembly for winding a power cord inside the cleaner body. Conventional upright-type vacuum cleaners tend to require a relatively longer power cord, and thus use a cord holderinstead of a cord reel assembly.

During this operation, however, the power cord is often dragged on thesurface being cleaned, and is thus contaminated by impurities and dust. As a result, the user's hands may also become dirty while grasping and winding the power cord. Furthermore, when the user winds the power cord hastily, frictional heat generatedbetween the power cord and the user's hand may hurt the user.

It is to be understood that both the following summary and the detailed description are exemplary and explanatory and are intended to provide further explanation of the invention as claimed. Neither the summary nor the description that followsis intended to define or limit the scope of the invention to the particular features mentioned in the summary or in the description.

There is provided a power cord arranging device for a vacuum cleaner, comprising first and second cord grips which are pivotably coupled and moveable between opened and closed positionsabout a hinge member, and have at least two openings configured to receive a power cord when the cord grips are closed, and a resilient member biasing the first and second cord grips closed.

The openings may have a cylindrical shape and may face each other, when the first and second cord grips are closed. In an exemplary embodiment, a pair of pressure levers may be mounted at a position adjacent to thehinge, and a grip handle may be mounted on the first cord grip.

The hinge member may comprise a pair of shaft receptacles mounted on the first and second cord grip, and a hinge shaft mounted so as to be inserted into the shaft receptacles. In an exemplary embodiment, the resilientmember may comprise a torsion spring supported by each of the pressure levers.

In an exemplary embodiment, the openings may comprise a front opening, and a rear opening having a greater diameter than the front opening. Additionally, a guide ring may be mounted on the front opening in order to prevent abrasion.

In an exemplary embodiment, the guide ring may beformed with a greater diameter than the power cord. In an exemplary embodiment, the first and second cord grips may have a section with interlocking teeth of fixed width at one end.

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