Mobile phone power cord winding mechanism

When the battery charger is not used, the winding mechanism is able to wind up the power cord of the battery charger to prevent the power cord from being exposed outside.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide a power cord winding mechanism for the mobile phone battery charger, which has specific and fine structure and is able to wind up the power cord. When the battery charger is not used, the power cord can be wound in the battery charger without being exposed outside.

By means of the power cord winding mechanism, the power cord extended from the mobile phone battery charger can be wound in the battery charger.

Typically, a mobile phone battery charger for the mobile phone is connected with a long power cord with an electric plug. In the case that the battery charger of the mobile phone and other electric appliances, such as an electric fan, must use an electric socket or an extension wire, numerous power cords will randomly scatter over the floor. Under such circumstance, dust tends to accumulate on the power cords and a user will have disorderly visual feeling. Furthermore, when the user carries the mobile phone battery charger to use outdoors, the exposed power cord will make it inconvenient to carry and store the battery charger.

In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a battery charger formed with a power cord receiving chamber therein. A winding reel is disposed in the receiving chamber for winding the power cord. The upper end surface of the winding reel is disposed with two contacts connected with the power cord. Two resilient plates are fixedly disposed on upper side of the receiving chamber to respectively contact with the contacts.

A coil spring is arranged between the winding reel and the projecting shaft to provide a rotating force for the winding reel to wind up the power cord. One of the contacts is disposed at the center of the upper end surface of the winding reel, while the other contact is formed as a circumferential contact around the central contact. Accordingly, when the winding reel is rotated, the two resilient plates are kept one-to-one in contact with the two contacts.

The power cord may be pulled out to supply electric power energy to the battery charger. After the charging is completed, the power cord may be wound and received in the battery charger. Therefore, the power cord is prevented from randomly scattering over the floor and the battery charger can be easily carried and stored.

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