Power cord clip

A clip for retaining a power or extension cords for transport and to prevent damage to the cord. The clip has two sleeves that are created when an upper and lower member are coupled together by a spring clip. One sleeve is closed and the other sleeve has an opening for insertion of a power cord. A lever is formed in the upper member to allow for opening of the open end of the clip for the insertion of a cord. Within the closed sleeve is a retaining mechanism that aids in the retention and positioning of a power cord. Integrally molded with the open sleeve may be ribs that increase the frictional engagement between the clip and the cord. The clip can be constructed in one or two pieces and can be used with a variety of different tools and applications.

Electric power cords and extension cords have many uses in peoples everyday life from plugging in a string of lights at Christmas time to using heavy duty power equipment on construction projects. When one is done using power equipment it is often desirous to wrap the power cord around the tool for transport. In doing this, connecting the end of the power cord to another place on the cord for retention is necessary. However, most cords are not equipped with a mechanism for connecting the plug end to another place on the cord. Thus, the cord is pulled into a knot in order to retain the end of the cord. This is detrimental to the life of both the cord itself and the connection between the cord and the attached plug. Further, when connecting two extension cords together, the two cords are often tied together to prevent the connection between the two cords from coming apart and cutting the electricity to the tool. Several devices have been developed in order to assist with this problem, however prior art devices do not accomplish all the desired functions and flexibility to secure the ends of power and extension cords.

The power cord clip has two sleeves, one open and one closed. The closed sleeve is formed within the lower member which can be made of one piece or two piece construction and fastened together by appropriate retaining means. The open sleeve is formed upon securing the members together with the spring clip. The open sleeve has an opening opposite the closed sleeve and relative to the lever to allow the opening to be widened upon actuation of the lever so that a power or extension cord can be placed within the open end of the clip. Within the closed sleeve of the clip there may be a retaining member that keeps the power or extension cord in place when it is being retained by the clip.

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